Companies often believe their troubles can be magicked away with a brand makeover or a fancy new ad campaign.

But your Brand is not your logo or your social media campaign – it is the sum of all the promises you make and keep. Promises to customers, employees and suppliers.

All too often, unkept commitments are a result of aspirational promises, misaligned with business reality. And a string of broken promises can result in angry customers, negative publicity, low employee morale and lost opportunities.

Often ‘let’s work on our Brand’ translates to a logo redesign. Fresh paint on an old car.

That’s not me.

Hello, my name is Karina, and I help businesses like yours navigate the perilous world of customer joy.

Whether you make something, supply a service or serve up ideas, I’ll help you align your reality to your aspirations so you make promises you can keep and keep the promises you make.

You need me if

  • you want to build a resilient Brand
  • you aren’t getting the results you believe your efforts deserve
  • your customer experience is broken and you don’t know how to fix it
  • you want to succeed at customer joy

I will work with you to

  • define your organisational purpose and values and audit both against the experiences of people who buy from you and work with you
  • interpret what you care deeply about into meaningful narratives that can be replicated across interactions outside and within your organisation
  • identify promise gaps across your organisation and recommend and implement strategies to close them

My approach to solving your challenges

Kintsugi (金継ぎ, golden joinery) is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed in with powdered gold or silver. As with all things Japanese, Kintsugi is both an art form and a deep and meaningful philosophy. It is about joining together broken and disparate pieces into something that is at once striking, individualistic and functional.

My approach is to learn everything I possibly can about your business and your environment. I employ a Socratic method of questioning to dig deep and unearth the true nature of your challenges within your context. I take a critical look at how you do things, at what promises you’re making and how you keep them. I break down everything that came before – analyse your successes, identify what can be improved and what has to go. Then I work with you to put it all back together by applying a cohesive, thoughtful strategy that connects what you say with what you do.

I have 20 years of experience helping businesses articulate their purpose and what they feel most passionately about. I work with them to carry these values through to all their interactions so others can feel just as fiercely about them. Businesses that keep their promises give me joy; as does Eddie Vedder.

Do you need my help?

Reach out to me via Linkedin.